Technology Scientists

Technology Solutions

StratiTek is known for advanced technical skills, and pioneering new advances for some of the industry’s most popular brands. Rooted in science and proven in production, our food/beverage technology expertise is central to our ability to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Our Technology Solutions Include:

  • Ingredient Technology

    Food technology is more than simply selecting a quality ingredient. Our in-depth understanding of ingredients from a molecular level to finished product allows us to engage food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers across a wide range of food and ingredient technology categories. Our technology experts can find the right ingredient for a new product, compare and contrast functional ingredients or discover new applications and intellectual property for existing ingredients.
    Click here to learn more about our Ingredient Functionality expertise.

  • Optimization

    We understand the complex relationship between product and process.  Our cost-optimization solutions help you obtain the most from your process. Increasing efficiencies, decreasing re-work and increasing throughput are some of the many ways we support our customers in this area.

  • Technical Troubleshooting

    Our food technology experts understand the nuances of ingredients, formulation, processing and how each of these impacts the others. Whether you’re looking to reduce sodium and sugar levels or enhance fiber and whole grains, our multi-disciplinary methodology evaluates technical problems from all perspectives, resolving problems in comprehensive and innovative ways.